Why the LCBO is an Essential Service

Closing would lead to significant health consequences

The LCBO has been deemed an Essential Service on that long list released by the Ontario Government.

Maybe people are asking why it is considered “essential”. We don’t need alcohol to live or to keep the economy going!

Here’s why:

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Eileen de Villa has explained that, for people who have alcohol dependency, shutting off their supply could have grave results.

At a press conference on Monday March 23, she said,

“Whether we care to admit it or not, there are many people in our community who have significant dependence issues with respect to alcohol. I think we have to be very conscious of that fact and be aware that if that substance, that provision, is no longer available, that that would lead to pretty significant health consequences.”

Withdraw can occur as early as 6 hours after one’s last drink.  Not everyone who drinks heavily will experience withdraw symptoms but some have severe symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal can include serious complications, such as seizures, delirium tremens, hallucinations without delirium, electrolyte disturbances (which can cause seizures, comas or cardiac arrest) and arrhythmias (heart beat issues).

Withdraw should be managed by professionals with medication and even if someone is doing it at home, they need medicine and someone to give it to them. (source)


Image: Marco Verch / Creative Commons