You’ll Love This Acapella Christmas Mashup

Get into the Christmas spirit!

Just listen!

On November 24th, I went to Hanson’s very first ever Christmas concert. 20 years ago, they released Snowed In, which was, for a long time, the only Christmas album I owned. This year, they released Finally It’s Christmas and had their first (and second!) tour stop in Toronto.

We bought some of the last tickets left for the show, which was on my birthday, and I’m very glad we went. It was really wonderful.

I purposely did not buy the album before the show as I wanted to hear the songs for the first time, live. This a cappella mash up blew me away.  I saw people filming so I knew I’d be able to share a video of the performance… and listen to it over and over, myself.

Here’s their performance of the same song the very next night in Toronto. I know you want to hear it again! 

The song is not a cappella on their new album, by the way, but it’s still lovely.

Here’s another great vocals-only performance.

Their first show ever was 25 years ago, singing like this, at a Christmas party. It’s great that they still enjoy doing this together after all these years.

Screenshots from videos by Angela Devine on Youtube.