The 9 Most Popular Halloween Costumes For 2017

In Case You Need Inspiration

Halloween is almost upon us, so if you don’t already have a costume you’re running out of time! Here are the nine costumes projected to be the most popular for Halloween 2017, based on a study done by Pinterest.

Pennywise the Clown from IT

No surprise here. One of the most successful AND most terrifying movies of the year. It just makes sense

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A Stranger Things Character

Season 2 of the Netflix smash hit drops on October 27th and it’s projected to be even bigger than the original. It’s a safe bet that you’ll see at least on of the Stranger Things kids at your door this Halloween.


Beauty & The Beast was 2017’s largest grossing movie, so no surprise Belle (and the Beast) are a super popular costume choice this year.

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A Giraffe

We don’t get it either, but according to Pinterest searches for giraffe costumes have gone up 1200% since last year. Maybe April the Giraffe had something to do with it?

Wonder Woman

Well, duh!

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A Game Of Thrones Character

The show has been insanely popular for years, but interest is way up in 2017 thanks to the hype for the final seasons.

A Hippie

A classic costume, made from items that can be easily found at thrift stores or your moms closet.

A Unicorn

Pinterest searches for unicorns went up 110% this year. We blame the frappucino for this trend.


Mermaids are making a comeback this year. According to a study by Pinterest, online searches for Mermaid tails have been through the roof (no, really) and they’re poised to make a big splash this Halloween.

Courtesy of Party City