Bill Paxton’s death certificate has been released

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Bill Paxton’s death certificate states the actor died last month from a stroke days after surgery to replace a heart valve and repair damage to his aorta. Bill died on Feb. 25. That was 11 days after the surgery.  Paxton starred in films such as “Twister,” ”Titanic“ and ”Aliens“ “True Lies” and the HBO series ”Big Love.“

More Gilmore Girls may be coming to Netflix…Having said that Netflix is also toying with the idea of bringing alternative endings to some of its hit shows with just a touch of your remote…

Directors and producers will film alternate scenes ahead of their launch on the streaming network. Fans will be able to influence the ending from their remote control, a source revealed to the Mail Online. The idea was popular in children’s books Choose Your Own Adventure and R.L Stine’s Goosebumps. It means viewers could watch “infinite” series by choosing different outcomes along the way.


Chrissy Teigen has a secret

Chrissy Teigen is a smart mouth according to her husband John Legend- and that perhaps is why so many can relate to her…. Its not because we was a Sports Illustrated cover girl, a New York Times best-selling cookbook author, a host of the Emmy-nominated TV series Lip Sync Battle and the soon-to-be designer of a fashion line with Revolve.  Chrissy has always prided herself on being an open book… She has however kept her Postpartum depression a secret until now…. She has written an Essay in Glamour and its real and raw….

Here’s the Essay