IKEA Is Coming Out With It’s Own Record Player

"The Party Collection" Will Debut In 2019

IKEA has been there for you through it all, from moving into your first dorm to furnishing your first apartment – occasionally breaking a chair leg here or there, and replacing it with a new one because the product is pretty affordable. Also, it was totally worth it, because that party was wild.

You’ve gone through your fair share of furniture, kitchen supplies, and decor. There’s no doubt you’ve been a great host, and IKEA has decided to release a line so you can be just that!

In collaboration with Teenage Engineering, the FREKVENS collection includes party lighting, an electronic choir, and (wait for it) a record player.

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That’s right, you heard me. IKEA is creating its very own record player.

The collection is expected to hit stores February 2019 globally. Until then, you can check out some prototypes and a preview of the collaboration below.

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash