PAGE’S 5: Easy Halloween Cocktails

They're Devilishly Delicious


(Image: Sam Henderson)

This spooky twist on a margarita is literally dripping with sugary green goo!

Get the recipe from HGTV.

Good and Evil

(Image: Ethan Calabrese)

Whether your version of Halloween is sweet and innocent black cats and princesses or a little more gruesome like Jason and Freddy Krueger, this sweet cocktail will appeal to both the good AND evil in you!

Get the recipe from Delish & New York’s Jekyll and Hyde Club.

Vampire Cocktail

(Image: Self Proclaimed Foodie)

This might look gory, but it’s a raspberry puree that’s extremely tempting!

Get the recipe from Self Proclaimed Foodie.

 The Grave Digger

(Image: Pinterest)

Hard cider and whiskey make this a perfect drink for Autumn.

Get the recipe from Boulder Locavore.