Surprising People at Work for Administrative Professionals Day!

Thanks to Cakes by Design for the Awesome Treats!

You can run but you can’t hide!

Dale and Charlie crashed local businesses today, equipped with Shower Radios and tasty treats to thank the Administrative Professionals in our community.

Farris Lane Animal Hospital


Afraid of birds much Charlie?


Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Clinic


According to Charlie’s husband her feet are not her greatest feature… Maybe Stephanie can help?


Paralegal Pro


Some free treats in exchange for a Get Out of Jail Free card… They’re gonna need it!


Kerr Lawyers

Anyone else notice a trend here… Alright guys what trouble have you gotten into?!


Allandale Veterinary Hospital


Evidently we should have brought treats for our four-legged friends too! Thanks to Katelyn for letting us in!