WATCH: 2 Year-Old Push Fallen Dresser Off Twin Brother

Both Boys Are Doing OK

This dramatic video from December 29th, shows two toddlers trying to climb up a dresser until it falls over and lands on one of the twins. The other quickly realizes his brother is in trouble, and tries to save him.

Karli Shoff is the mother of the boys, Bowdy and Brock from Orem, Utah, and she released this nanny cam video online, in hopes to warn other parents that accidents do happen, and to encourage everybody to “bolt their dressers to the wall”.

Karli claimed that she normally hears everything, but this particular morning she heard nothing. No loud thud, no screaming or crying. She woke up to watching the twins playing together nicely in their rooms but the dresser was knocked over. She had no idea that Brock had been trapped underneath the piece of furniture until later in the day when she looked back at the video and saw what had actually happened, and Bowdy’s heroic efforts to save his brother.

Luckily, both boys are doing just fine.

(Video & Image Courtesy of Kayli Shoff/YouTube)