When Is The Right Time To Ask A Woman If She’s Pregnant?

I say-- NEVER. 

I’m 30, recently married, have a great career and a home, and lately I have been asked if I’m pregnant, in one way or another, almost daily.

I’m not ready to have kids. Maybe we will some day, just not any time soon. But is that really anyone’s business?

When people ask if I’m pregnant, I’m not, but what if I was trying to be? What if I had 3 miscarriages that no one knew about? What if I genuinely don’t want kids ever and you continue to ask me that question on such a sensitive topic?

I was asked if I was pregnant because I couldn’t remember something.

Someone asked if I was hormonal because I had a bit of an attitude after a hard day.

I ate a burger and was later asked if it was a baby bump.

Just because I’m 30 and recently married doesn’t mean I have to be pregnant… now, or ever for that matter.

So, when is the right time to ask a woman if she’s pregnant? Never. There is no right time. You have no idea what that woman could be going through, and frankly, it’s really none of your business.